Authentic Vegan Breaded Eggplant and Guac Tacos


One of the hardest foods to give up for many is the wonderful taste of tacos. A major reason why they are so appealing is because it is easy to make them in many different ways. Fortunately, tacos are not just for carnivores among us, but can be easily produced as vegan and vegetarian alternatives. One of my favorite “meat substitutes” is eggplant, because when cooked up, it has a lot of similar qualities in both appearance and texture to meat. It is for this reason I am happy to share with you these special vegan eggplant and guacamole tacos! 



  1. Prepare the chunky guacamole by simply slicing the tomato, avocado, and adding a dash of sea salt and pepper per the instruction provided for this easy vegan recipe
  2. Set your conventional oven for 400 degrees (F). 
  3. Prepare the breaded eggplant - start by cutting into relatively thin pieces. Remove the skin if you would like to bread the sides more easily. 
  4. Prepare three "dipping stations" - 1 bowl of unsweetened almond milk & cornstarch, 1 bowl of ½ cup unbleached flour, and 1 bowl of bread crumbs, oregano, nutritional yeast, sea salt.  
  5. Start by dipping the prepared eggplant pieces in bowl #1, then #2, then finally #3. This process will enable the bread crumbs and other seasonings to adhere to the eggplant. This is a vegan alternative to using eggs!
  6. Place the dipped pieces of eggplant on a baking tray - be sure to use aluminum foil or other product so the eggplant does not stick!
  7. Place the baking tray in the oven for 20-30 minutes. You will want to monitor periodically during this time frame as the cook time can vary depending on the size of the eggplant slices. 
  8. The hardest part is over: assemble your taco! As you can see in the photo above of our vegan bread tacos with guacamole - we simply added a nice layer of spinach. You can of course use any fruit or veggie you feel would work well for your palette. One thing I love about vegan tacos is the simple ability to change it up and customize! 

These authentic vegan breaded eggplant tacos with chunky guac are easy to make and really hit the spot!