The Easiest Chunky Guacamole Recipe in the World


While guacamole is generally thought of as smooth and creamy, I thought I would put together this really easy recipe I sometimes make when I don’t feel like being in the kitchen for a long time. It is easy to make a chunky guacamole, and the great part is that chunks of avocado and tomato seem to break apart in the mouth quite easily. Pair this guacamole with another recipe – like our authentic vegan eggplant and guac tacos – and you are surely going to be left satisfied!



  1. Cut the avocado and tomato into relatively small, bite-sized pieces. 
  2. Mix these two ingredients together in a bowl. Save yourself some time and just use the knife you cut them with as a stirring utensil. 

  3. Add a dash of sea salt and pepper to taste. 

The reality of great vegan recipes is that many outlets online provide complicated ones that are great to look at, but difficult (or at least: time consuming) to prepare. This guacamole recipe is one of the simplest you will find. While not as beautiful as some others out there, it meets the functional need of filling an empty stomach quite well! The great thing about avocados and tomatoes are, quite simply, that they "melt in your mouth." So having little chunks did not bother me at all - and I could still scoop vegan-friendly chips in as a little snack, as well as use this as a topping for my simple eggplant and guac tacos! 

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