Crockpot Beans

We love to make crock-pot beans because they are so much more affordable (a 1 lb. bag is around $1.25) and tastier than canned beans! I alternate between using black beans (this dish) and pinto beans.



1 Soak beans overnight then rinse before using

2 Put beans, lentils, and chopped onion in crock-pot

3 Cover with approximately 1 ½ to 2 inches of water or vegetable broth

4 Cook in crock pot on high for five hours.

5 We like our beans with strong flavor. Add in cumin, smoked paprika, liquid smoke. You may want to add hot sauce and/or spicy mustard as well. 

6 Cook for one more hour on low. 

7 Check to see if beans are soft.

These beans are good for up to 1 week stored in refrigerator.