Plant-Smart Living Pantry - April 2016

Here at Plant Smart Living, we strive to create unique resources that promote the possibility of doing things a little differently. The PSL Pantry is an idea we want to share with you. To my surprise, the website Amazon provides a lot of opportunities for picking up bulk food products (among many, many other things) with a few simple clicks. While I certainly enjoy going to a local grocery store, Trader Joe's, or Whole Food's (as I hope you have seen in some of my "haul" videos from YouTube), I have recently started to realize that I can actually save some money by buying some items off of Amazon. They provide bulk options for some products I already use, and they are conveniently dropped off at my home (usually within 2 business days thanks to my Amazon Prime subscription). Additionally, they have access to other brands I've never even seen in a local store, so it provides me with the opportunity to expand my own pantry pretty easily! 

The Plant-Smart Living Pantry is meant to be a guide of products you can purchase on Amazon (or possibly at a grocery store if they carry the same brand name). These are products we use and enjoy. The goal of this is two fold: 1). We want you to explore a vegan diet by suggesting food products that may be new to you and 2). the links provided throughout this article allow us to make a small commission from each sale. As a result, you are able to support Plant Smart Living while stocking up on much needed supplies and food stuffs to keep your vegan kitchen alive, without all the hassle of having to look for each item at a grocery store. 

Information About Amazon Prime

Before I dive into my recommend pantry products for the month of April 2016, I wanted to share with you some information about Amazon Prime:

Amazon Prime members enjoy a number of benefits such as: FREE Two-Day Shipping, unlimited streaming to tens of thousands of movies and TV episodes, ad-free music, and much more. As a Prime member, you will also be able to fill up a "Prime Pantry" box (which holds a large quantity of food and household supplies) with free shipping as well. Non-Members can still access Prime Pantry, however will have to pay a $5.99 shipping fee. 

Plant Smart Living is beginning to reap the benefits of using Amazon Prime as it is convenient and easy. The yearly subscription cost of $99 may seem like a lot, but if you use it to purchase groceries at affordable prices and with free 2 day shipping, it about covers itself after a couple of orders. If your still uncertain and want to try it out, you can do so risk-free for FREE for 30 days! 

Click this link to sign up for an Amazon Prime Free Trial: Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

Plant Smart Living Pantry - April 2016

Some products that come recommended by Farmer Fred for this month:

TruRoots Organic Quinoa - 100% Whole Grain Premium Quality

Why it's worth being in your pantry? Quinoa is a whole protein source that is valuable to have in a vegan diet. One thing I've struggled with regarding quinoa when buying at the grocery store is the large price tag, but small amount of quinoa available. Through Amazon, a 4 lb. bag is $20 dollars. I decided to try this out myself and found the TruRoots organic quinoa to taste great, and also found it to last quite a long time. Being consumed typically by my wife and I, the TruRoots quinoa lasted close to 2 months. Of course, if you eat quinoa every day, the bag certainly won't last as long; but I feel confident recommending this as the cost per serving is low. More importantly, I didn't have to worry about buying any more quinoa while going to the grocery store. 

Teeccino Hazelnut Chicory - Herbal Coffee Alternative
Why it's worth being in your pantry? Ever since I quit drinking regular coffee, I've been addicted to seeking out new and exciting coffee alternatives. I've since found a few brands I enjoy. In particular, I almost daily consume the hazelnut coffee substitute by Teeccino. While it is similarly priced to purchasing regular tea bags, I find purchasing in bulk ends up saving me money and time in the long run. If you've never tried a coffee substitute, this is a great starting point. 

Bragg's Nutritional Yeast Seasoning

A staple in a lot of our plant-smart recipes is Bragg's Nutritional Yeast. I use it in a lot of cooking situations to bring some excitement to the food I am eating. In a way, it has similar characteristics to salt, but without the negative side effects on my health. It is one of those small purchases that will last for quite a while and compliment the food I am eating on a daily basis. 

Quaker Old Fashioned Oatmeal

One of my all time favorite breakfast meals is comprised of a simple bowl of oatmeal. Fortunately, oatmeal is highly nutritious and a flexible food product that can be incorporated into a number of recipes. Not to mention, it can be enhanced by simply adding a fruit or topping (like fresh organic syrup if you want something sweet!). We all know Quaker Oats are available in most grocery stores, but I found a great deal on Amazon that lets you get 10 lbs. of the Old Fashioned 100% Whole Grain Oats for less than 20$ dollars. This is equivalent to about 113 servings. The math seems pretty easy on this one to me, and really shows the value of Amazon Prime. If you ate 1 serving a day, this purchase would last over 3 months! This is well worth it to me to keep my pantry stocked and ready for experimenting with new oat based recipes! 

Be sure to explore our Recipe section to see how we have used some of these products in our own daily meals. If you have any questions about any of these items or would like to suggest a new product for us to check out, we would love to hear from you. We hope to expand these pantry articles in the future to include a larger selection and videos checking out the products and discussing how we use them in our recipes more thoroughly. If you have any feedback, please leave a comment below and we will be sure to respond!