Instructions for Non-LeanPub Buyers to Access Monthly Recipe Updates!

The Plant-Smart Living Digital Recipe Guide: Deliciously Simple, Quick, and Easy Whole-Foods, Plant-Based Vegan Recipes that are Fat-Free and Low-Fat, No Meat, and No Dairy will provide you with the opportunity to dive into a healthy, plant-based vegan dietary lifestyle with ease!

If, like Farmer Fred, you are looking to lose weight and overcome disease through plant-based living, then look no further.

Our digital recipe guide is jam-packed with 69 pages of recipes, information about Plant-Smart Living, and more!

If you are looking to regain your health, while eating the healthy, filling, and tasty comfort foods that you love and enjoy, then The Plant-Smart Living Digital Recipe Guide is a must buy!

These homemade recipes are inspired by the food cultivated in Farmer Fred's vegetable garden, and the countless hours spent experimenting with different ingredients in his kitchen. Further inspiration is also drawn from the teachings of some of the most prominent names in the plant-based lifestyle movement such as Dr. John McDougall, Dr. Michael Greger, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr. Neal Barnard, and Dr. T. Colin Campbell.

If you have already purchased the digital recipe guide through a non-Leanpub vendor (such as Amazon), we wanted to provide you with an opportunity to still receive the monthly updates. Unfortunately, these services do not allow us to provide free monthly updates as LeanPub has. By following the below instructions, you can still access an updated copy of our digital recipe guide FREE of charge.

You will be able to have my monthly digital recipe guide updates delivered directly to you, and access those updates immediately after they are made.

1). Access our book through LeanPub using the following link: The Plant-Smart Living Digital Recipe Guide LeanPub
2). Click & Drag the "You Pay" Scale to 0.00$
3). Click "Add eBook to Cart"
4). You will be brought to an Edit Cart Screen
5). Click "Continue"
6). You will be brought to a "Checkout" page indicating "Your Purchase is FREE"
7). Click "Purchase"
8). You will then be brought to a "Download" page where you can access the book in multiple formats (PDF, EPUB, MOBI)

That's it! A no hassle way to access the FREE monthly updates that will be provided through June 2017.

Thank you for supporting Plant-Smart Living by your purchase of our first digital recipe guide!

NOTE: Digital recipe guide cover image was created by Chris and Jes, the talented husband and wife duo behind the lenses at Hand and Arrow Photography Co. and Formed from Light.