I believe that a plant-based or vegan lifestyle is an extremely powerful thing – especially in today’s rich-Western diet (SAD) world that claims thousands of people daily to chronic diseases, like heart disease, and tens of thousands more animals who are senselessly slaughtered to serve as the food that emerging scientific research and literature has been successfully linking back to those chronic diseases themselves.

Ah, the circle of life.

Except, it’s not.

It is more like the circle of death.

It is our mission here at Plant-Smart Living to give you everything you could possibly need to break that circle and help you to:

  • Question Everything
  • Uncover Truth
  • Reclaim Your Health

The truth is that, in order for this lifestyle to work for you, you have to approach it in a smart way.

It has to be backed up with real plant-smart fundamentals.

We do that by planting ourselves firmly in the middle… in that gap between actually living this lifestyle and substantiating all of our choices through the plant-smart pursuit of knowledge founded in scientific literature and research. Using certain strategies that capitalize on the best of both, mixed up with age-old self-sustainability techniques, principles and strategies, along with some of the new, we bring a refreshing, cost-effective way to live the life you have always wanted to–but, that you may have felt has been well outside your grasp.

So, instead of getting bogged down on the usual hamster wheel of trying to make this lifestyle work for you, or losing precious time and money trying to figure out this lifestyle on your own…

… follow Plant-Smart Living to learn how to turn your plant-based or vegan lifestyle into a truly plant-smart lifestyle…

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