What if your garden could save your life?

Farmer Fred's backyard garden!

Farmer Fred's backyard garden!

We live in a world motivated by the attempt to find simple solutions for everyday actions. Many memorable inventions are remembered because they solve simple problems – the wheel is memorable because it made transporting goods easier, and eventually progressed to being a major component of automobiles. It’s incredible to think that in the past human kind was mostly limited to walking and carrying things hundreds of miles, but now thanks to this little invention we can drive hundreds of miles in the course of a few hours.

In the same way that the wheel was a simple solution, I believe gardens can be simple solutions too.

Most ailments that plague modern man can be traced to 2 simple sources: poor diet and a lack of exercise.

The pharmaceutical industry has profited substantially off of the desire to remedy this condition by suggesting that if you take certain medications, it will be enough to counteract poor lifestyle choices. While you may know taking a supplement won’t change your life, I’d like you to think about gardening as a supplement for better health.

Farmer Fred and his grandson - enjoying life on a WFPB diet! 

Farmer Fred and his grandson - enjoying life on a WFPB diet! 

My garden has benefited me in many ways, and is the most natural supplement I have for my health. I am able to eat healthy, organic foods that I grow in my backyard. And, in the time it takes to sow the seeds and reap the harvest, I have spent a good deal of time exercising in the process as walking around the garden and tilling the soil requires a good deal of effort. I even get a heaping helping of Vitamin D directly from the sunlight!

While it is certainly possible to adhere to a whole foods, plant-based diet without a garden; it is something that has provided me with an outlet to explore this lifestyle to the fullest. More importantly, it has provided me with a constant reminder of what it means to be healthy.

For example, like those trying to lose weight, you have to put out the energy, time, and hard work in the beginning, but after some time, just like a garden, you will begin to reap the benefits over and over again. The healthier you become, the more noticeable this is to you - and those around you.

Like some of my favorite vegetables, such as my mammoth sized green bell peppers, I have started to notice that well into my 60’s I feel healthier than ever. This is an incredible thing to share, because even 5 or 10 years ago I would have thought I was close to death’s door.

If gardening is something you would like to get into (if you haven’t already), have no fear! You can have a garden regardless of the amount of space you have, and regardless of the amount of time you have to dedicate to it.

My garden is quite large by most backyard garden standards, but many people around the world get by with just a few simple raised garden beds. If you don’t have a lawn, you can always get into indoor gardening as well. Many products are available online to help you start your journey as can be seen in our article about preparing your garden for the winter months

Getting into gardening has led me down a path towards a more sustainable lifestyle. The amount of money I am able to save by just harvesting the same plants over and over again throughout the summer is staggering. Most importantly, I know the quality of these vegetables is very high as I control the growing conditions and the additives (no needless pesticides here!).

These vegetables form the basis for my whole foods, plant-based diet, which in turn helps sustain my body and mind.

My garden has become a critical part of this healthy cycle I have created for myself. I have truly regained my health through my starch-based vegan diet, and this is directly related to the excitement I get from harvesting great veggies from my backyard.

So, what if a garden could save your life? Maybe you’ve already noticed the benefits of a garden, or maybe you are someone who never thought to grow their own fruits and vegetables. It is never too late to make healthy decisions, and out of the many I have made over the past few years, investing time and energy into my garden has been one of the most invaluable. Not only is gardening a fun hobby, but it also translates to practical, real-to-life financial savings and organic food you can pick and eat.