Summit Mosquito Dunks for Mosquito Removal from Your Backyard Water Fountain - Review

Mosquitoes have a nasty way of turning a backyard water fountain into something less enjoyable. Of course, it should be noted that mosquitoes only really reproduce in standing bodies of water. In our 2nd Backyard Water Fountain Install article, we showcased the installation of a small water fountain in the one of the PSL Team member's backyard. This was meant to replicate the original article How to Build a Backyard Fountain for Your Garden or Patio for Under 65 Dollars. Unfortunately, we waited to long to add a timer mechanism, and without running the fountain 24/7 resulted in a quick rise of mosquito larvae. As we do not particularly care to have mosquitoes breeding in our fountain, we decided to take a step to reduce the population. We found Summit Mosquito Dunks on Amazon, received them within 2 days (thanks to Prime Shipping), and put them to use immediately after receiving in the mail. It's been a few days now, and our mosquito larvae problem is completely eradicated.

Summit Mosquito Dunks - Product Review

While I was purchasing these mosquito dunks, I thought to myself about how it is a unique experience to realize that a product even exists. Most people probably never have much of a need for mosquito larvae control, because they only breed under specific circumstances. However, in my own backyard, I felt my water fountain was saved by having quick access to a well reviewed niche product like this. I had one simple desired outcome, and I probably said this to myself at the time: "Please work and get rid of the large amount of mosquitoes starting to show up in my water fountain."

A quality product works like it is advertised. The packaging says, "Mosquito Dunks kills mosquitoes before they're old enough to bite!" In my experience, it works exactly as described. I certainly cannot complain about the outcome, and would highly recommend Summit Mosquito Dunks if you find yourself needing to get rid of mosquito pests in your water fountain. Of course, they are usable in other bodies of water as well if you have a specific need.

Things to Know about Summit Mosquito Dunks

Using the Summit Mosquito Dunks is pretty straightforward - open the package and place the needed quantity in your water fountain. Each dunk is approximately 2 inches by 2 inches, and floats at the top of the water. Recommended application is every 30 days, which means a pack of 12 (that I purchased) will last more than 1 year as I live in Pennsylvania, where mosquito breeding season comes to an abrupt end as a result of the long winter months. Most importantly to me, these are organic and safe to use in fish habitats. If you happen to have small fish in your water fountain, these will do no harm!

Final Verdict on Summit Mosquito Dunks

I cannot argue with the results. Summit Mosquito Dunks really came to my rescue as I ordered almost immediately after noticing the mosquito larvae swimming about in my backyard water fountain. If I ever found myself in a similar situation, I would use these again in a heartbeat. An excellent, simple product that is organic and environmentally safe.

Summit Mosquito Dunks can be purchased through Amazon in different pack sizes. Summit also produces other mosquito killers and repellents that may be of interest to you including Summit Quick Kill Mosquito Bits and Summit Mosquito and Gnat Barrier.