How to Make a No Cost Mini-Greenhouse


“All things have a cost, but some things cost significantly less than others.”

When I say I will show you how to make a no cost mini-greenhouse, I really mean I will show you how to make the lowest possible cost mini-greenhouse that serves you well by performing its function well.  There is no way to escape costs entirely, but I expect that if you are already living a plant-based lifestyle, you probably have already purchased the necessary products as a part of your weekly grocery shopping trip. Other tools that I use are very standard in any home, so should not lead to a new dent in your wallet forming.

Tools Required:

Cordless Drill
Gorilla Duct Tape

Products Required:

Two Plastic 1lb Salad Container (I generally purchase these from Whole Foods)
Potting Soil
Seeds or Vegetable Transplants (I would recommend green leafy vegetables, radishes, or another vegetable that does not require a deep root system)

In an attempt to be more sustainable, I thought it would be a neat idea to put some of the plastic containers I purchase salad and spinach in to use in a unique way. This may especially catch your attention if you do not have a large space to have a full size garden as you can see developing in my backyard. These mini-greenhouses are very affordable, and can be assembled with ease in just minutes with items you probably have lying around the house already.

Growing lettuce in a cheap mini-greenhouse you can make at home!

Growing lettuce in a cheap mini-greenhouse you can make at home!

Steps for Making a Mini-Greenhouse

1). Acquire all of your needed tools and materials. I find it is useful to always lay out as many elements of my project in front of me so I can be certain I have everything I need before I begin. The last thing you want to do is start a project than realize 5 minutes into it that you need to run to a store to continue. Not that it doesn’t happen, but it certainly can put a damper on things from time to time. I like to focus all of my attention to working through the project, especially on something that is so small scale like this.

2). Use the cordless drill to make a few holes in the plastic salad container for drainage. For the 1lb container, I used a cordless drill to drill three 3/8” holes in the bottom of the container for this purpose.


3). Tear a few pieces of Gorilla Duct Tape to use as hinges for your mini-greenhouse. I preference Gorilla Duct Tape as it is very strong and durable. You can, of course, replace this with another duct tape brand if you would prefer.

4). Stack the second, undrilled plastic container on top of the drilled plastic container. This will form the basis of your greenhouse.

5). Attach the Duct Tape to the two plastic salad containers to create a flexible hinge. This hinge will allow you to open and close the greenhouse with ease.

6). Insert the potting soil and seeds/transplants.

7). Close the lid by using a weighted object or clothes pin (or similar device).

Making this virtually cost free mini-greenhouse is very easy to do. It serves a significant purpose for me as it enables the transportation of the veggies I am growing. More importantly, it also lets me jump start the growing season by starting plant growth in the greenhouse. It is amazing what a little ingenuity can do to help repurpose things we already may be using in our day-to-day lives to let us become a little bit more sustainable for the environment.

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