Why You Should Grow Green Bell Peppers in Your Organic Vegetable Garden


Green Bell Peppers are an essential vegetable to grow in your organic garden. I have several Green Bell Pepper plants growing in my backyard garden, and I enjoy being able to reap the harvest. I am able to freeze them and make good use of them in a variety of recipes I cook in my kitchen. I especially enjoy making stuffed peppers and steaming them in my electric pressure cooker. There are so many uses that it would be a shame to to overlook the added zest Green Peppers can bring to a plant-based, vegan diet.

The first thing you should keep in mind if you are beginning to setup your organic garden is how much money you will save. As we all know, buying food at the grocery store can become expensive quite quickly. It is a trade off for convenience. In the case of my Bell Peppers, I have saved a substantial amount of money as I was able to purchase the transplants for $1.60 (for 6 seeds) at a local store. Where I live in Pennsylvania, these Bell Peppers grow for around 3 months, and continue to produce during this time. As a point of comparison, at a local grocery market I found a pack of 2 packaged organic Green Bell Peppers at the staggering cost of $6.99.

While my backyard garden is relatively large, keep in mind that you can still make your own garden on a budget. I set up a small 4x8 raised garden bed for my daughter, and she has been able to reap the benefits of harvesting fresh Green Bell Peppers (and Tomatoes!) right in her small backyard lot. This is essential to keep in mind, because even if you have a very small piece of land to work with, you can still have opportunities to become a gardener yourself.

I use leaf compost and topsoil to grow my Green Bell Peppers. The results, as you can see in the video and picture above, are quite impressive. At least, I am impressed with the output. The peppers are quite large and look very healthy, and I have been able to come out in my backyard garden and pick them quite frequently.

Quite the hefty Green Bell Pepper right from my organic vegetable garden!

Quite the hefty Green Bell Pepper right from my organic vegetable garden!

I think it is easy to tell why you should grow Green Bell Peppers in your organic vegetable garden. The resulting output is quite significant, and the financial savings can be significant. Of course, there is some overhead as you will have to spend a little bit of money preparing the soil and gardening area, but with a little time and small amount of energy you can be on your way to a far cheaper alternative to the store bought produce you are familiar with.