The Great Big Boy Tomato Experiment

With spring time in Pennsylvania coming to an end, and the higher temperatures that summer brings, it is time to start planting tomatoes in the Plant-Smart Living gardens. Last year I grew some small, Sun Gold cherry tomatoes (“little nuggets of sweetness”) and experimented with not pruning them. They were successful, as I expected they would be, because they do not weigh very much at all (of course, at most these tend to only get to be about 1” in diameter). This year, I have opted to retry this experiment, but with the larger, “Big Boy” tomato variety which can get up to 10oz in weight. They will be growing up a homemade wooden trellis, and throughout the course of the summer I will not prune them at all!

A couple things I am looking to learn from The Great Big Boy Tomato Experiment:

  1. Will the trellis be able to support the weight of these rather hefty tomatoes?
  2. How much fruit will this method provide me with? Will I reap more or less (or about equal) amounts of the Big Boy tomatoes?
  3. Will this impact the size of the fruit? Again, in the past I have grown quite healthy tomatoes averaging around 10oz.

Watch the video for full details! We will be sure to provide an update as the season progresses and we see more growth!