Early-Summer Organic Garden Tour 2015 (Video + Article)

Today, I am very excited to take you on an almost 23-minute tour of my entire early-summer organic vegetable garden!

Over the last 25 years, I have poured quite a bit of TLC (tender loving care) into growing, building and cultivating my own organic garden—gradually adding new sections and plants to it, with each new year. Besides the knowledge I have gained from my own research and experience, I truly believe that my garden has become the bedrock for the healthy, whole-food, plant-based lifestyle that my family and I have adopted.

As with all things related to gardening or home projects, I always recommend that people start small, and build off of their successes. To build my garden to where it has become now has required nothing short of a considerable learning curve, with a great deal of trial and error. In this video, I speak about my background in carpentry, as an electrician, and as a general all-around handyman, and that experience has certainly proven to be beneficial in building my organic garden to the point where it is today.

By all means, though, I do sincerely believe that, with the right tools, resources, and guidance, that anyone can build their own garden just like this.

I truly hope that this video, and all my future videos, will help to dramatically reduce your learning curve!

Please, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment and reach out to me if you have any questions about any aspect of this video, or if you would simply like for me to do another video to expand upon anything I spoke about during this garden tour.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

In a world where many people struggle daily with chronic disease and illness—and, both the health care and food industries do little to truly help those people—my garden has provided my family and I with the powerful, whole-food, plant-based, nutrients that have proven extremely effective in combating those chronic illnesses, degenerative diseases and disorders, such as heart disease, hypertension and diabetes.

Currently, at the time of this video tour, in early July 2015, my organic garden has now grown to have 4 main sections, several sub-sections, and a combination of over 25 different types of flowers, vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

In this tour, I walk you through the following main sections of my garden:

#1) Back Section (1:56)

a. Flowers (2:34)
--Yellow Stella de Oro DayLillies (2:51)
--Zinnias (2:57)
--Butterfly Bush (3:05)

b. Small Garden Fountain (3:20)

c. Large 11’ Deep Pond (2:00) and (8:18)

#2) Side Yard Garden(s) (5:46)

a. My First Garden (5:53) – 18’ x 30’ Section (the first section you will notice in my garden video tour, after we pass through the white trelles).
--Green Bell Pepper Plants (6:45)
--Basil (6:54)
--Determinant Mountain Spring Tomatoes (7:09)
--Banana Peppers (7:19)
--Broccoli (7:27) -- Covered by Row Covers 
--Fresh Lettuce

b. Back Garden (9:09) – (3) x (4’ X 32’) Raised Garden Beds, divided into 8’ Sections
--Curly Leaf Kale (AKA "Pick-and-Come-Again") (9:41) and (10:55)
--Lettuce (9:42)
--Eggplant (10:00)
--Peppers (10:10)
--Basil (10:17)
--Big Boy Indeterminate Tomatoes (10:24)
--Sun Gold Cherry Tomatoes (10:24)
--Red Beat Plants (11:18)
--Swiss Chard (12:05)
--Green Zucchini (13:49)

c. Extended Side Garden
--Cantaloupe (14:05)
--Watermelon (14:06)
--Elephant Ears (14:45) and (17:10)
--Canna Lillies (15:18)
--Sun Gold Cherry Tomatoes (17:00)
--Red Nordland Potatoes (19:15)
--Acorn Squash (20:54)
--Butternut Squash (20:59)
--Summer Squash
--Delicada Squash

d. Left Over Plant Section (8:49)
--Curly Leaf Kale (AKA "Pick-and-Come-Again") (8:53)
--Swiss Chard (8:55)

#3) Lean-To Greenhouse Structure (21:35) -- (Made from framing lumber) 8’ x 16’
--Cucumbers (21:49)
--Swiss Chard (21:53)
--Kale (21:56)

#4) "The Forgotten Pumpkin Patch" - Not in this video, but you can view HERE
--Goose Neck Gourds
--Acorn Squash
--Butternut Squash

Hopefully you find this to be an interesting insight into Farmer Fred's garden! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!