Late Summer Garden Update 2016 - All Videos


I produced many videos over the course of 2016 - many of which were clumped into garden updates where I was able to showcase many of my beautiful harvests, and discuss how you can grow specific vegetable varieties in your own backyard garden as well. What follows is a list of my late summer garden update videos that were published in 2016. I hope you find some enjoyment and useful information in these, and I plan to experiment more with my garden as 2017 comes into view. 

If you happen to have any questions about what you are seeing, be sure to leave a comment at the end of this article. 

Late-Summer Garden Update 2016: Let's Go Harvest Some Roma Tomatoes!

Roma tomatoes are a really great vegetable, and quite easy to grow so long as you can provide adequate sunlight. I use this particular variety primarily for canning and salsas, while I use other tomato species more for sandwiches and salads. As you can see, just a few transplants sprout into a large tomato harvest. It becomes vital to harvest in a timely manner so the tomato cages can support the weight! 

Late-Summer Garden Update 2016: Let's Go Harvest Some Plum Crimson Tomatoes!

The late summer is quite possibly one of my favorite seasons. Here in Pennsylvania, the scorching hot summers start to subside into the 60s and 70s. It makes for a really perfect time to spend in my backyard garden. In this video you can see me harvest another species of tomato - the plum crimson - which has a great taste. When talking about veggie diversity, we don't always consider the difference between one tomato and another. Incorporating tomatoes like these into your diet can provide something valuable. Like the Roma tomatoes before, these are great for salsas and for use on bruschetta. 

Late-Summer Garden Update 2016: Let's Go Harvest Some Mountain Spring Tomatoes!

These mountain spring tomatoes are some of my favorite. They are quite hefty and juicy, and suitable for a wide range of uses in the plant-based kitchen. I often like to use them in tomato sandwiches. 

As you can see in this video, I grow many of my vegetables (these include) in a raised garden bed. I've found that my harvests have been much better since converting most of my garden to these. It also helps with the aesthetic presentation of the garden as well - as it provides some visual structure. 

Late-Summer Garden Update 2016: Let's Go Harvest Some Malabar Spinach!

Malabar spinach - also known as "climbing spinach" - is a really great compliment to my garden. At first glance, you may notice the natural beauty it brings to my backyard as it "climbs" up my trellis. This ornamental spinach grows from tiny seeds, and can also be picked and eaten. It is really great for growing during the summer if you can provide some growing space. 

Late-Summer Garden Update 2016: Let's Go Harvest Some Jalapeno Peppers!

Here is something different from what you would normally expect to be growing in my backyard garden! These Jalapeno peppers were purchased as transplants from a local nursery, and just a few of these have expanded and grown into the beautiful plants seen here. I often store these and pull them out when needed for different recipes. More recently I've been mixing jalapeno peppers with beans in my Instant Pot pressure cooker

Late-Summer Garden Update 2016: Let's Go Harvest Some Hungarian Hot Wax Peppers!

These Hungarian hot wax peppers are great to eat in a number of different ways. Some uses I have found for them are in salads, mixed with beans in my Instant Pot, and they can be easily frozen and used at a later date if you find you have too many - as sometimes is the case for me as they grow abundantly in my garden. As the name would imply, these are a bit hotter and spicier - if left a little longer, they will turn red and change in flavor as is common with many pepper plants. 

Late-Summer Garden Update 2016: Let's Go Harvest Some Beauregard Sweet Potatoes!

Mmm...sweet potatoes. They are really a great root vegetable to grow in your garden. They take between 3-4 months to grow, and can be a little more difficult to get the soil and growing conditions correct. but if done correctly - you will really reap a nice harvest. In this video, I went ahead and picked a few of these early on in the season just to see how they were doing, and I'd have to say quite well! 

Late-Summer Garden Update 2016: Let's Go Harvest Some Adirondack Potatoes!

If your on a diet like the one advocated in The Starch Solution - a starch-based, plant-based diet - you will find these Adirondack potatoes to be a nice addition to your kitchen pantry. 



Late-Summer Garden Update 2016: The Attack of the Cabbage Butterfly!

Many of my gardening experiments tend to turn out quite well - as you can see in most of my videos I am usually met with large, healthy, and happy harvests. In this late summer garden update, I showcase the unfortunate effects of garden pests when preventative measures are not taken. With an organic garden, it is not always possible to eliminate all pests or plant damage. As I discuss in this video, I experimented with planting some Gypsy broccoli under row covers, where no problems were had, but some others were also planted in the open just in an exposed raised bed garden. As you will see, the cabbage butterfly and their offspring...the cabbage word...manage to do a good deal of devastation to the plants. 

Late-Summer Garden Update 2016: The Return of the Morning Glory Vine!

Morning glories are a beautiful flower, and a great example of the power of nature to continue reproducing. It was about 2 years ago that I had planted a small batch of morning glory seeds, and while the outcome is no doubt an attractive ornamental flower, I have come to learn that with the flower growth and attraction of insects like bees - seeds have managed to move all about my garden, even into areas I would prefer them not to be growing. The challenge with this is inevitably the competition for soil nutrients when they come too close to vegetables I am trying to grow, and I have spent a good deal of time trying to remove these from my garden with my wife to little success. A beautiful flower, but one I would caution you to think about the potential outcome of planting these in your own garden. 

Late-Summer Garden Update 2016: Let's Go Harvest Some Classic Eggplant!

One of my most popular videos of 2016 was this one where I had the opportunity to "show off" some of my supersized classic eggplants. The growth on these even surpassed my own expectations - they turned out truly beautiful. 

I ended up converting quite a few of these into great vegan eggplant parmesan - it's something even carnivores can enjoy! 

I hope you enjoyed this late summer garden update 2016. I think this update has managed to display some of the great things about gardens, as well as the possible pitfalls that you might encounter. The reality of my own backyard garden is that it has been a nice mixture of science and art in a way. I do my best to regulate the soil and provide good growing conditions based on the hard facts of growing, but there are other factors we don't always consider or can't control, so getting a good garden growing sometimes requires learning "on the job." 

I'd like to encourage you to leave a comment below if you have any feedback or questions.