Early Fall Garden Update 2016 - All Videos

During the height of garden preparation and growing season, Farmer Fred has produced a large number of videos to cover all of the seasonal updates of his backyard garden. These updates are presented to provide some instruction and background into the sowing and harvesting of various fruits and veggies grown in the garden - with some helpful tips for maintaining your own garden, too! 

These videos reveal the Early Fall Garden Update 2016 - feel free to watch as many as you'd like to get a real taste for Farmer Fred's garden and advice! 

Early Fall Garden Update 2016: Let's Go Harvest Some King Arthur Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are some of my favorite vegetables - they are easy to grow in the garden, and tend to come out in abundant quantities. As you might expect, I can't eat them all myself, so I often find I give them away to friends and family - and also preserve many of them by creating many jars of pepper sauce and storing in a freezer until needed. With a reasonable amount of planning, you can grow bell peppers yourself at a low cost of investment, and harvest some serious returns throughout the year. 

Early Fall Garden Update 2016: Let's Go Harvest My Huge and Healthy Ford Hook Swiss Chard! 

Swiss chard is another one of my favorites - it is really one of the most nutritionally dense vegetables you can eat, and has a unique taste that is often ignored by many people who are not growing their own veggies. The simple reason is because availability in stores is not nearly as high as something like Romaine or iceburg lettuce. These plants grow to be pretty large, and keep my family and I fed for a good chunk of the year. 

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Early-Fall Garden Update 2016: Update on Our Party Favor Rose Mallow Hibiscus Plant!

Any great backyard garden has space for growing some plants for the sheer beauty they bring. I am pretty partial to the hibiscus plant myself. They have helped me to create a space that is relaxing to spend time in - a sign of a great garden for me. Adding this aesthetic value can help motivate you to continue to put effort into your backyard garden - which is something even cost savings on food can't always bring. 

Early-Fall Garden Update 2016: Let's Go Harvest Some Katahdin Potatoes from a Garden Container!

Potatoes really form the basis for much of my diet - thanks to the great healthy dieting advice provided by Dr. McDougall in The Starch Solution. It was a simple step for me to grow my own food, as I have been maintaining a backyard garden for decades - even though I've only gone plant-based in the last couple of years. I have found it to be entirely possible to trim costs and grow much of my needed food in my garden. Of course, I still make trips for other foods and condiments I am unable to grow myself - but there is nothing more organic and natural than being able to go in your backyard, pluck a few potatoes from the ground (or in this case...a garden container), and take them inside to prepare and eat. 

Early-Fall Garden Update 2016: Let's Go Harvest 20 lbs of Red Jersey Sweet Potatoes, for $1.50!

At a certain point in the year, we starting annotating some of our video titles to include costs. I think this is valuable to see how an inexpensive packet of sweet potato seeds sprout into such a large quantity. You could easily expect to spend $1.50 on a single sweet potato at a local grocery store - so it becomes a no brainer to invest some time in a backyard organic garden and grow your own! 

Early-Fall Garden Update 2016: Let's Go Harvest Some Gypsy Broccoli!

Broccoli is another one of my favorites in the Plant-Smart Living kitchen! As you can see, I have a lot of "favorites," but that is mostly because so many veggies taste great (especially when prepared right) and are good for your health, too. Despite it's popularity in my home, I still get the sense it is a vegetable often overlooked in many people's diet. 

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Early-Fall Garden Update 2016: My Malibar Spinach has Gone Wild!

My spinach plant is a really great addition to my backyard garden. It provides some great value for my stomach, and also has the neat feature of growing up my trellis. Maybe it comes as a surprise to you that this veggie grows on vines - it is a really neat thing and not something you would necessarily expect. It is little things like this that I have learned as I continue to grow my own food in my home garden - getting to know what food is on your plate a little better gives you more respect for what you are eating, more appreciation for it's nutrients, and in some ways respect for the people who cultivate and package the stuff we find at the store and don't even consider how it came to be. 

Early-Fall Garden Update 2016: Let's Go Harvest Some Curly Leaf Kale from My Lean to Greenhouse!

I like to experiment with growing different veggies in my lean-to greenhouse. This year, I've grown a good deal of curly leaf kale, and as you can see it has grown quite well. It is another one of those foods that forms a great basis for a good, hearty salad and other kitchen experiments. One of the big reasons why I grow food in my greenhouse is because it allows me to more closely regulate temperature, and reduce the likelihood of attacks by little (and sometimes not so little) garden pests.  

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Early-Fall Garden Update 2016: Let's Go Harvest Some Beauregard Sweet Potatoes!

Sweet potatoes are a great alternative to the "standard" white and purple potatoes we often eat. As the name implies, they have a certain "sweetness" that makes them an entirely different flavor experience. One of my favorite ways to eat them is simply as baked sweet potato fries - no oil is even necessary to cook them like this. 

Early-Fall Garden Update 2016: Let's Go Harvest 38 lbs. of Sweet Potato Yams, for $1.50!

Very similar in taste and texture (and gardening requirements), sweet potato yams are another great addition in a plant-based kitchen. The quantity that comes from just a few seeds is really astonishing, and seeing 38 pounds of sweet potatoes really helps to showcase the need for more sustainable lifestyles to take root around the USA (and world in general). 

Early-Fall Garden Update 2016: A Garden Tour After Our First Killer Frost

This early fall garden update was made to give a little walkthrough of the garden after the first significant frost. This is a point in time where the seasons really begin to notably shift, and the crops you can successfully grow will change in many instances to those that are more viable during fall and winter months - with the colder temperatures in tow. While not nearly as active as the summer months, you can still get a good yield from your garden during fall and winter if you select the right plants to grow! 

I hope you enjoyed this look at the Plant-Smart Living backyard garden. This look at the early fall garden update 2016 can help show you what you can potentially expect as seasonal changes come to your garden, and in what ways you can expect changes to come to your crops. As is apparent, it is possible to get some great harvests as the months turn colder and colder!