21 Kitchen Tools as Recommended by McDougall Friend's Group

21 Kitchen Tools as Recommended by McDougall Friend's Group

Following the diet laid out by Dr. John McDougall in The Starch Solution can be difficult for many - in part because it is so different from the Standard American Diet. Fortunately, there are many great online resources and communities that can help make a world of difference. One such community is the McDougall Friend's Group on Facebook that I frequent. 

If you are looking to get input on joining the plant-based lifestyle, or just need some help getting a firmer grip on your current WFPB diet, I would highly recommend joining this group and chiming in on some of the conversations.

Simple Tip: How to Cut Potato Wedges for Maximum Heat Exposure

Here, at Plant-Smart Living w/ Farmer Fred, we just love our starches...especially the humble potato!

I had these potatoes for dinner, with a side of broccoli, but they are certainly a delicious option no matter when you may decide to partake in them -- for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

In a recent YouTube video I had recorded, suitably entitled 'Smart Tips, Tricks, and Ideas for Your Plant-Based Kitchen', I had demonstrated how I prefer to cut my potatoes -- into wedges,facing upwards, as if they were soaking up the sun, while sunbathing on a beach...

Special THANKS to my friend Will Kriski, from Potato Strong, for mentioning this trick, on his Facebook page!

I find that this trick, albeit a very simple trick, maximizes the surface area of the potato exposed to the heat...

You also don't need to turn the wedges for them to get fully cooked!!! Now, that is what I call 'PLANT-SMART'!

Do you have any tips, tricks, or ideas that you use in your kitchen? If so, I would love to hear about them!