Plant-Smart Living Goes Snorkeling in the Sac Aktun Cenote

Some members of the Plant-Smart Living team went on vacation in Mexico, and came back with this beautiful footage of their tour of the Sac Aktun Cenote in Tulum, Mexico. This cenote displays a lot of cool cave features that were very exciting for them to check out.

For some reason the date is way off, but that's not the point of the image! :)

For some reason the date is way off, but that's not the point of the image! :)

Swimming and snorkeling through the Sac Aktun Cenote system was a very surreal experience. It felt like I left the planet and arrived somewhere totally unique. The spectacular sights of stalactites and stalagmites paired with sometimes large expanses of water, and a network of interconnected caves that create the 2nd largest cave network in the world is phenomenal. This experience in Mexico definitely goes against the grain of normal life in rural Pennsylvania, but will be remembered for the rest of my life.

The Sac Aktun Cenote is also known as the Pet Cemetery Cenote. The reason for this odd English name is because divers unearthed bones of prehistoric animals, that can actually be seen if you scuba dive here today! Knowing this, it provided a haunting feeling to the whole experience!

We did the best we could to capture video of this place, but in reviewing it, it hardly does it justice. It is one of those experiences that are best experienced by you, but I hope our photos and video of Sac Aktun will fill you with a desire to want to journey to this place yourself in your travels.

For a longer 35 minute version of our tour, check out this YouTube video!