Plant-Smart Living 2nd Giveaway is a Success!


Throughout June 2016, Plant-Smart Living held a month long giveaway comprised of almost $300 dollars worth of plant-based, vegan book resources and a PSL T-Shirt. We received many entries (1,279 to be exact!) and saw large growth in our community, and more importantly, our community interaction with us on social media, YouTube, and on our website here. This success would have been impossible without the input and motivation put forth by many of you who entered the giveaway.

If you missed this giveaway, do not worry! We are going to be planning for another large giveaway in the future once we have some time to make sure our winner gets their goodies! Feel free to let us know in the comments or directly through Facebook or by using the Contact Form what you would like to see in a new giveaway. We are already bouncing around some ideas such as having multiple prize packs to increase everyone’s chance of winning.

For those unsure what the specific prizes were with the 2nd giveaway (which is now concluded), they included:

  1. The Starch Solution - Dr. John McDougall (Paperback)
  2. The Plant-Based Journey - Lani Muelrath, BenBella Books (Paperback)
  3. The Happy Herbivore - Lindsay Nixon, BenBella Books (Paperback)
  4. Plant-Powered Families - Dreena Burton, BenBella Books (Paperback)
  5. The Plantpower Way - Rich Roll (Hardcover)
  6. The Potato Strong Recipe Guide - Will Kriski (Digital eBook)
  7. The Starch-Plus Diet - Will Kriski (Digital eBook)
  8. Dining at the Ravens - Jeff and Joan Stanford (Paperback)
  9. V is for Vegan - Kerstin Rodgers (Hardcover)
  10. How Not to Die - Michael Greger, MD (Hardcover)
  11. Vegan Under Pressure - Jill Nussinow (Paperback)
  12. The Vegiterranean Diet - Julieanna Hever (The Plant-Based Dietitian) (Paperback)
  13. Plant-Powered for Life - Sharon Palmer (Paperback)
  14. The Plant-Powered Diet - Sharon Palmer (Paperback)
  15. Blissful Basil -- Ashley Melillo (Paperback)
  16. The Plant-Smart Living Digital Recipe Guide (Released June 2016!) - Fred Detwiler (Digital eBook)
  17. A Plant-Smart Living T-Shirt (Available Sizes: S, M, L, XL)

I find it important to note that many of these prizes were graciously sent to Plant-Smart Living for the specific purpose of being given away to our audience. While Plant-Smart Living hosted the giveaway, it would have been far more difficult (and costly for us) to support a giveaway of this magnitude. Special thanks goes out to all of the individuals and book publishers (such as BenBella Books) for the book copies and to those who shared our giveaway on social media, helping expand the reach of this contest.