Plant-Smart Living at Torrey Pines State Park and Beach in San Diego, California!


During the summer of 2015, the team of PSL took a trip to visit some family in San Diego, California; and took advantage of this opportunity to also take in some of the beautiful sights Southern CA has to offer. Without a doubt, the landscape is far different than the moderate climate we typically have in Pennsylvania, so we are excited to share our stories and photographs with you! While there is much to see and do in this area, we found ourselves returning to Torrey Pines State Park several times during our week spent in California.


Torrey Pines features a beautiful beach and an abundance of desert walking trails. The plant life on these trails was fairly hypnotizing as most of these plants would not grow naturally where we are from. A key draw to this place is that, though it is popular, there never seems to be too many people there. Even on scorching hot days where a dip in the ocean is much needed, the beach was fairly desolate, especially when compared with more heavily populated beaches like La Jolla and Mission Beach just up the coast.


As I sit here trying to find words to describe this location on planet Earth, I have come to the stark conclusion that no words I use could really capture the essence of the place. Hopefully you can find the photo collection we have assembled of our time spent exploring Torrey Pines to be as fascinating and, at moments, breathtaking as we have in reflecting on our time there. The only problem with pictures like these are wishing we were there, instead of stuck back East with the slowly evolving winter weather.