Plant Smart Living at La Jolla Beach in Sunny Southern California – The Beach of Seals


Having had the opportunity to visit San Diego in the summer of 2015, we have returned with stories and, more importantly, photos to share with our Plant-Smart Living subscribers. We were constantly impressed with the natural environment present in this area of the country, something so different than what we normally see tucked away in the mountainous and grassy terrain of Eastern Pennsylvania.

From what we were told by family that lives in this region (with whom were visiting) is that we “had to” see the views at La Jolla Beach, and maybe more importantly, the seals that reside there!

One of the immediate things I realized about La Jolla is that, while incredibly beautiful, it was also much more of a “tourist” destination than the other beach, Torrey Pines, that we visited and absolutely loved. Just finding a parking spot was pretty difficult, but not impossible! Once we parked, the experience really kicked off and we were smooth sailing to see the sights.

A couple great features of this beach include:

The Seal Beach: Humans can get pretty close to the seals as they reside in their natural habitat. I’m not sure what particularly has caused the seals to be so attracted to this spot, but after seeing it for myself, I now know what causes people to be attracted to it! Pretty fun to see some seals up close, and not within the confines of a zoo or at SeaWorld.

From many views out into the ocean you could see these bright orange blurs swimming around. After making some casual conversation with the locals, it turns out these were the California State Fish known as Garibaldi. While there is much life in the Pacific Ocean, it was great to be able to see these rather large fish so close to shore and even from a distance.