Hiking the Delaware Water Gap - Adams Falls


Let me preface this batch of photographs by stating clearly that the hike to Adams Falls is not easy. There is one particular section that will be challenging for those who are unstable on their feet and not athletic, which requires you to scale this rather high, vertical rock wall. We witnessed one family with small children turn around at this point, which was probably a wise decision but unfortunate as well because the falls lie right beyond this section.

With this out of the way, I overall enjoyed the natural beauty of the waterfall and hiking trail that led to it. The actual enjoyment of the falls was only blighted by the large quantity of people who were there, some of them not so respectfully as they were smoking cigarettes (among other things from what I could tell). I have since learned that this is more or less a “hot spot” for college aged crowds. Of course, this is no problem at all, but let’s all at least respect each other and the environment we are in.