Jacobsburg State Park – A Great Day Hiking Trail


In my humble opinion, one of the greatest State Parks in Eastern Pennsylvania is Jacobsburg State Park. There are at least 3 main reasons why I hold this view:

1). The trails are well maintained.

2). There is an assortment of things to see and do, all within the same general area.

3). This park can be enjoyed by all types of people. Kids have a great time, parents have a great time, even grandparents!


There are multiple areas to park, and where you find yourself initially will depend greatly on your starting area. The “main” parking lot will provide you with easy access to all of the trails. One will take you directly to the relatively new visitor center, another more popular series of trails start by crossing a stream by bridge.

Across the road there is an assortment of open plains abundant with trees and a few housing structures, though I’m not sure if they are in use anymore. There is also a great bird watching garden which fits perfectly with the values we try to embody here at Plant Smart Living. If you catch yourself having a few spare minutes and want to check out some bird photos, we have plenty in our photos on Facebook!

Most of the time when I go to Jacobsburg Park (and I go there at least a few times a year because of the close proximity), I end up spending at least a few hours there. This allows me to typically walk along most of the trails and see all of the sights.