Celebrate Amazon Prime Day & Support Plant-Smart Living!


July 12th is a different kind of holiday. Amazon Prime Day is geared towards providing great deals to Amazon Prime Members. If you are planning to do some “holiday” shopping, why not support Plant-Smart Living in the process?

There are many ways to Support Plant-Smart Living, and buying through our Amazon affiliate links enable us to earn a commission without you spending an extra dime. You just click the link, buy goods like you would usually, and we earn a small commission that enables us to better support the manpower and time required to continue producing PSL content.

Did you know?

Plant-Smart Living is guided by the tender hands of Farmer Fred. However, multiple friends and family regularly work hard to help bring his vision to life. While he does produce the videos found on the Plant-Smart Living YouTube channel, as well as much of the wildlife and nature photography on Facebook, and the many recipes that have come to be featured online and in the Plant-Smart Living Digital Recipe Guide and more; a dedicated team helps bring these things to life in the online world, which can be quite difficult to get do alone. The time required to load videos on YouTube and produce written website content is significant, and costs for acquiring purchased books for giveaways, web hosting, file support through Dropbox, etc. can be quite significant. These little earnings help to outweigh some of these costs!

Amazon Commissions:

Any earnings we make go directly into supporting Plant-Smart Living.

Our goal of spreading the whole foods, plant-based message has been a labor of love. Farmer Fred has experienced the benefit of this lifestyle first hand as he has trimmed down 65+ pounds and conquered other negative health conditions, and has built an online presence with the goal of spreading how this lifestyle can change your life, too!

Please consider purchasing through this Amazon link today, or bookmark for future use as you regularly shop online. All of these little tokens of generosity will enable us to invest in better equipment and produce even better content in the future.