An Adventure to Gollub Park in Easton, PA


Gollub Park is found tucked away neatly amongst a semi-populated residential area in Easton, Pennsylvania. It is one of those local parks that you wouldn’t want to drive a long distance to visit (and I wouldn’t recommend it!), but if you live or are visiting the area, it’s well deserving of your time, especially if you want to see some unique views of the area from a place that is not traveled heavily at all.

An artistic shot of the sky and trees!

Actually finding the park can be a little bit difficult unless you are already familiar with the area. It can be especially easy to miss the quick turn and wood sign that marks the park. A small, virtually one lane road runs into the almost equally small parking lot. Once in this lot, driving is restricted to only those who have homes in the vicinity of the park. Indeed, one of the first things you will notice before you get to the “real” trail entrance is the distant vistas and relatively large houses. I found myself for at least a moment wishing to wake up to the view of the surrounding area a few times while walking towards the park start.

The trail entrance is plainly marked. Once on the trail, you will quickly find yourself under a canopy of trees, which has proven itself to be useful on the off occasion I’ve caught myself walking in the rain. While much of the surrounding area is pretty heavily urbanized, it is nice to have this little slice of land to escape to down the road. If you’re more used to big National Parks for your day hikes, you might not find this too special, but for those of us in the community, it provides a bit of natural charm.

The key draw to Gollub Park is the overlook which requires you to descend a rather steep and rocky hill to reach. The view is great, and one you can’t often find without going on the Appalachian Trail. There is a great view of the Delaware River here.

As you may imagine, during the fall seasons this view is especially treasured as you can see a range of colors everywhere you look as the trees begin to change their color and lose their leaves.

Hopefully you were able to enjoy this little view into some of the local places the Plant Smart Living team likes to spend time at. If ever you’re in the area, feel free to drop by Gollub Park for this great unexpected view.

Bright skies with fall foliage...