How To Cook My Smoky Flavored Beans in an Instant Pot Pressure Cooker


Cooking my smoky flavored beans is made incredibly easy with my Instant Pot pressure cooker. It can take between an hour to multiple hours of cooking, but ultimately requires very minimal energy on my end. It may require some experimenting to find a setting and cook time that works best for you. For my smoky flavored beans, I recommend setting the Instant Pot to cook under pressure for about one hour. It can then sit on the low heat setting to continue simmering and bring out the natural flavor of the beans for a few hours more. I have found this to work best to make the beans meet my tastes, and it is a perfect cook time as I am able to go out back and work in my garden or setup in my bird blind to get some nice wildlife photographs you may have already come to love.

One nice thing about the Instant Pot pressure cooker is that it infuses all of the flavors combined together. As you will notice, my smoky flavored beans are not simply beans on their own. We use a little bit of vegetable broth, some organic tomato juice created from tomatoes grown in my garden, lentils, etc. All of these components serve to make the recipe more complex, and much more suitable as a healthy, plant-based meal.

Hopefully this cooking video instruction will provide you with some ideas for crafting your own pressure cooked bean recipe. One thing I love about my Instant Pot cooker is that I am able to experiment with vegan food very easily, and the results are often very tasty!

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