How To Cook Red Beets in an Instant Pot DUO60 Pressure Cooker

One thing we love to do here at Plant-Smart Living is step outside into our organic vegetable garden to pick the vegetables we are going to prepare. Today, red beets are on the menu and we are planning to show you how you can prepare them in an Instant Pot electric pressure cooker. We are currently using the Instant Pot DUO60 model, but the suggestions provided here may be transferable to other models of Instant Pot cookers, as well as other brands of pressure cookers. If you have not yet purchased this appliance, we would suggest you check out our pressure cooker review as we have found an Instant Pot to provide us with quick access to more diversity in our whole foods, plant-based diet.

As you can observe in the video, making red beets in an Instant Pot is really easy. You may notice I have decided to leave on the greens. Some may preference detaching these and cooking separately, but I quite enjoy it just the way I found it. Of course, rinsed off so I am not eating soil!

I hope you find this video to be educational for making red beets in your own pressure cooker at home. I have been finding that cooking most vegetables, especially when on their own, is pretty simple to get right. Not to say I haven't made my share of mistakes, but it's been working out quite nicely.

What is your thought on pressure cooked meals? I have been exploring the variety cooking with my Instant Pot brings. You may be interested in checking out some other How To videos I have done for pressure cooking broccoli, kale, and even a more complex, home-made recipe: apple crisp!