How To Cook Farmer Fred's Panini-Grilled Carrot Reuben with a Instant Pot Pressure Cooker


The Panini-Grilled Carrot Reuben is a bit of a "classic" in the Plant-Smart Living kitchen. Farmer Fred has come to realize that, as strange as it may seem, carrots have a quality that make them a good replacement for meats that would traditionally adorn sandwiches. The convenience of the shape paired with the juiciness, and subtle sweetness makes carrots an appealing alternative to meats without going down the "rabbit hole" into having literal replacements like a veggie burger. The Grilled Carrot Reuben requires a little bit more preparation than many recipes we have, however the payoff when it is fully prepared is quite amazing!

We have created a full recipe with an ingredient list and directions that you can feel free to check out. We use the Instant Pot pressure cooker to prepare the carrots and sauerkraut. As this recipe was very well received by the Plant-Smart Living community, we went ahead and featured this in our 69 page digital recipe guide so you can take the recipe wherever you go!

Like with most foods prepared in a pressure cooker, this is a fairly quick and painless process once you are familiar with using your chosen cooker. I like to recommend the DUO60, which is the Instant Pot model that I am using. You can also read our review of this pressure cooker if you would like!

Hopefully our video on cooking the Panini-Grilled Carrot Reuben will inspire you to experiment more in the kitchen, and maybe even try making one of these whole foods, vegan carrot reubens in the future. I would love to hear your thoughts on this recipe and cooking instruction, so feel free to leave me a comment below and I will do my best to get back to you!