Chickpeas and Garlic for Hummus Instant Pot - Recipe from Vegan Under Pressure!


It can sometimes be difficult to tell if the food advertised in cookbooks is all it is made out to be. Food can be made to look good in pictures, but in real life might not taste so good. I thought it would be a neat idea to try putting the unique cookbook Vegan Under Pressure to the test, as I was so nicely provided with a free copy to send to one lucky winner of our Plant-Smart Living Giveaway. I am pleased to say that the end result of this hummus recipe is great!

Please tune in to the video for the full cooking walk through provided by Farmer Fred!

In case you are not familiar, Vegan Under Pressure is a recipe book created around the idea of producing vegan friendly food in a pressure cooker. There are a number of benefits to using a pressure cooker. For myself, it is a valuable tool in my plant-smart kitchen because it allows me to easily diversify the things I am eating. While I certainly enjoy raw vegetables, it is nice to mix things up on occasion. Having pressure cooked Swiss chard or broccoli just brings out new and unique flavors from plant-life I have grown to love over the years as I have adopted a plant-based lifestyle.

Since I "upgraded" my pressure cooker last year to an Instant Pot DUO60, I have been experimenting quite heavily in the kitchen to create new recipes for myself and the Plant-Smart Living community. At first glance, a vegan diet can feel restricted in what you are able to eat. As far as I am concerned, "the sky is the limit." Having an affordable kitchen appliance like this around just makes experimenting a little easier. Not to mention, there are days where I really benefit from having this as I can prepare meals with little to no effort in it.

Vegan Under Pressure can really serve as a primary guide through the world of pressure cooking. It has served me well since receiving it and beginning to explore the recipes. It has certainly served to inspire me to create my own, homemade plant-based recipes as well. We have even included a few Instant Pot recipe guides in our Plant-Smart Living Digital Recipe Guide (Available through LeanPub).

We hope you have enjoyed our little "PSL In-the-Kitchen" video where we sample a hummus recipe from Vegan Under Pressure. Have you ever tried making hummus like this? If not, would you like to try? Let us know in the comments below!