A Plant Smart Living Visit to Ithaca, New York

You may have heard of Ithaca before. In fact, it wouldn’t be surprising considering it is well known for the college it harbors: Cornell University. If the university doesn’t ring a bell, perhaps a well-known instructor and scientist, Dr. Carl Sagan, author of the science book Cosmos and star of the educational television series developed in the late 70s of the same name, might. Regardless of your feelings towards these little cultural facts, it is hard to deny the beauty of the landscape the relatively small town of Ithaca resides within. In fact, I decided to take the 3 hour journey from my home to visit the many waterfalls and Great Seneca Lake that resides within miles of the city because it appeared to be a relatively low key and beautiful place, while still having the “luxury” of some historical fame.

And without a doubt, that is my feeling after visiting not just once, but twice since the summer of 2015. I look forward to sharing this past experience with you, and perhaps it will encourage you to visit Ithaca in Upstate New York someday too.

The actual act of getting to Ithaca from where I live in Pennsylvania was very easy, a 3 hour trip mostly on I-80. Needless to say, it went by very quickly and with very minimal amounts of stress (as I often find long drives to be, well, stressful!).

Based on what I knew about Ithaca from reading online, I knew one of the first sights I had to see what Ithaca Falls. It was somewhat difficult to find as the parking lot is very unassuming, and tucked between college student apartments and other residential buildings. Almost immediately after finding the lot after a bit of driving around the area, we actually got stuck in a pretty heavy (and unexpected) rain storm. We decided to stick around and, fortunately, the rain let up within a few minutes. I think we captured a few great photos of the waterfall, but I'll let you be the judge!

The hike to Ithaca Falls was relatively easy, though might be difficult if you are not the most stable on your toes. The actual waterfall is extremely impressive. Seeing it up close and personal is an example of one of those moments where I felt genuinely calm and was satisfied to have made such a long journey.

Of course, being the unique college down that it is, we had to explore more of what Ithaca had to offer us.

We took quite a few photos as we explored the Cornell University campus. I was pretty enthused by getting to see the art museum there, but also impressed by the Cornell University Botanical Garden. One day Farmer Fred would love to expand his organic vegetable garden and bring to life many, many additional fine flower specimens (beyond the flower specimens you may have already seen in his YouTube videos here and here) alongside the fruits and veggies he grows every year. Consider offering your support to the Plant-Smart Living cause if you would like to see this via our Support Page.

Anyways, we spent at least an hour or two exploring the grounds and getting to know all of the plant life that was growing here. I could probably ramble for hours all the nitty-gritty of our trip, but how about you just check out this fine selection of photos to get your mouth watering?