Bottle Cap Tip for Your Plant-Based Kitchen

I get very excited when I stumble upon a new kitchen tip, trick, or idea to share with everyone here...especially one that, I believe, could save us all a lot of money!

After recording my Trader Joe's and Whole Foods Market grocery haul video, a little experimentation with different bottle caps led me to discover this neat trick:

If you are like me, you may have noticed how annoying it can be when liquid (by design, it seems) so readily (and quickly) flows out of the top of your bottle. When visiting one day recently, one of my son-in-laws had attempted to pour maple syrup on the pancakes we were having for breakfast...only to discover that the wide-open, non-flow restrictive lid caused him to pour quite a bit of the bottle out onto his pancakes ...

Of course, while I am sure that the maple syrup bottle producer couldn't have been more pleased, for us this directly related to money wasted or poured down the drain (quite literally)...

If you have Bragg's Liquid Aminos (a spare bottle, because you will still need the original bottle and bottle cap to house the Liquid Amino, if the bottle still has liquid in it), did you know that you can interchange your Bragg's Liquid Aminos bottle cap with other bottles that don't have a built in flow restricter (or another cap that restricts flow, like the Bragg's Liquid Aminos bottle cap does)?

Of course, we know this is a very, very simple tip but we are happy to share it with you as we have benefited from making this minor change in our own lives.

Do you have any kitchen tips, tricks, or ideas? I would love for you to share them here!