Vegan Under Pressure by Jill Nussinow - Book Review


There are many vegan cookbooks on the market, but Vegan Under Pressure by Jill Nussinow (AKA: The Veggie Queen) stands out in my mind with its niche focus on making plant-based recipes in a pressure cooker. Immediately, the book title is gripping as this was not the expected implication; but rather the social aspects of veganism can sometimes make one feel, quite literally, “under pressure.” I was lucky enough to receive a copy of this book to provide to the Plant-Smart Living audience (if you join in on our Plant-Smart Living Giveaway running until the end of June, 2016!). I quite enjoyed many of these recipes, which I make in my Instant Pot cooker.

One of the attractive things about my pressure cooker is that it can save me time and energy when I am not in the mood to actively cook in my kitchen. Food cooked with the pressure cooker allow me to, essentially, set it and forget it. I am not one to promote laziness in the kitchen, but we all have our days where we are tired and not really in the mood to be cooking for an extended period of time. The pressure cooker can really fill this need.

Vegan Under Pressure is a good starting resource is you are new to cooking food with a pressure cooker. The early sections of the book detail the different types of cookers, as well as how to effectively cook food. Some of this information is what you would expect to come with a pressure cooker you purchased, but it is more broad to actually meet the need of educating you about pressure cooking.

These early moments quickly unfold into the real heart-and-soul of the cookbook: the recipes. They are diverse and generally very tasty, providing meal options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I have only experimented with a few up to this point, but if they are any indication, I am very satisfied. This appears to be the general consensus in the many reviews left by purchasers online as well.

Vegan Under Pressure is one of those books that is great for referencing when you are in the mood for something different, but something that you don't have to constantly keep an eye on in the kitchen. The well constructed recipes help remove the guesswork out of the question "what am I going to eat for dinner tonight?" Simply acquire the ingredients, put them together per the instructions, and let the cooker make food for you! Well worth the price of admission! The book is available through Amazon in Paperback and Kindle editions.