V is for Vegan by Kerstin Rodgers - Book Review

V is For Vegan by Kerstin Rodgers (not to be confused with V is for Vegan: The ABCs of Being Kind) provides 150 vegan recipes with the intention of making veganism attractive to newcomers to a plant-based diet and healthier lifestyle. From the first glance at the included, high quality photographs (by photographer Jan Baldwin), one can tell that much of this food is meant to be the “comfort food” of the vegan world. The vegan recipes included in this cookbook is a great starting point for new vegans and non-vegans alike. It provides some easy starting points to expand your palette wherever you may be on your personal journey.

V is for Vegan provides some additional insights and educational content that helps to better understand the place of veganism in the world from a social and cultural perspective. Little vignettes touch on the differences between vegans, vegetarians, and all the sub-lifestyles such as ovo-lacto-vegetarians, ayurvedics, fruitarians, etc. The listed “vegan religions” were also interesting as I never realized there were religions, such as Rastas, Buddhists, and some Hindus, with specific vegan diet requirements (I imagine this will be a topic I will be educating myself more thoroughly on in the near future). These extra tidbits of information are really just a bonus, the core of this book is the exceptional recipes!

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