The Starch-Plus Diet by Will Kriski - Book Review


The Starch-Plus Diet is a great book created by Will Kriski, as a follow up to his first book The Potato Strong Recipe Guide. Will (you may know him just as Potato Strong) has been an excellent resource for us here at Plant-Smart Living, and this book is an extension of the knowledge he has passed on to us as we have come to know each other through email, Facebook, and phone conversations. As a result of this, of course there is some bias in my "review" of his book, but let me just say that I make an effort to only recommend products I personally enjoy and get something out of, and The Starch-Plus Diet is one of those things!

At it's core, The Starch-Plus Diet is a book that is inspirational and informative. Will puts some of his personal life on the line and shares the results of a plant-based lifestyle with his readers. The lifestyle promoted is similar to that from The Starch Solution by Dr. John McDougall, but is enhanced by the personal anecdotes and discussion of specific components of the diet. I am frequently drawn to the social and cultural elements of a plant-based lifestyle, and there are sections that discuss these things in detail.

Designed in conjunction with the research and teachings of Dr. John McDougall (and other plant-based doctors who I respect and regard very highly), my experience building Plant-Smart Living has caused me to encounter individuals in different stages of their plant-based journey, much like Will has encountered.

Where I have personally witnessed the challenges and frustrations that others seem to face when attempting to transition to and adopt a plant-based lifestyle, it is clear that The Starch-Plus Diet really does a great job at focusing on the implementation of this diet and lifestyle. In his book, Will really takes you by the hand and shows you exactly how to stock your kitchen, remove all the items and products that would have the potential to lead to non-compliance, all while discussing the products (like kitchen gadgets) that have helped him the most in transitioning to, and adopting, this WOE (Way of Eating) himself.

Incredibly active on social media before Plant-Smart Living was even thought of, The Starch-Plus Diet is really a compendium of Will's best tips and advice from the years he has been actively engaged in this lifestyle, while helping others to do the same.  All the practical occurrences that REALLY impede people's progress and keep them from realizing results -- social gatherings, hunger, restaurants, portions, calories, snacking, travel, etc -- he covers all of those, as well, with tested and proven strategies to take them on head-first and overcome them! 

If you are looking for a book that can serve as an inspiration to aid your conversion to a plant-based diet, or help keep you firmly rooted in the lifestyle if you are already living it, The Starch-Plus Diet is an excellent resource. It is available for purchase through Gumroad.