Why You Should Use Plant Based Diet Recipes to be a Better Vegan


One of the most intimidating aspects of switching to a vegan diet is learning how to make the food more interesting and desirable. This is especially true if you are used to eating food that is particularly unhealthy. Not just meat, but rather food that has been highly processed, and coated in salt, sugar, and grease. These taste sensations can be replicated to certain degrees within a healthy vegan diet, but they are properties that make the Standard American Diet (SAD) so addictive.

For an individual just starting to explore a plant-based lifestyle, using pre-made plant based diet recipes is an essential way to quickly start expanding your dietary repertoire. It will also help in the early stages when looking at some green leafy kale or Swiss chard, which might not seem like the most appealing lunch foods on the planet initially.

Another reason for advising you to reference plant based diet recipes early on is because these will help you capture all the valuable vitamins and minerals your body needs to be healthy. Having a diverse plate for breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the times in between if you find yourself very hungry is key to having long term success with a vegan diet.

By researching new recipes and bringing them to life in your kitchen, you will begin to literally live a plant-smart lifestyle. This will go above and beyond other dietary fads you may have been sucked into in the past. It takes some patience and mental exercise to stay the course, but trust me, it will all be worth it as you begin to reclaim your health.

Another reason why you should use plant based diet recipes to be a better vegan is because they can potentially educate you and inspire you to use new ingredients you may have never considered. On the surface, one might think that a vegan diet is restricted to fruits and vegetables (I mean, the start of the word “vegetable” is in the term “vegan”). But this is simply not the case. In addition to things like pasta, have you ever considered adding nutritional yeast to your meals? I do this quite frequently myself as it adds some flavor and valuable nutrients to a lot of dishes I make. Nutritional yeast, sometimes referred to as ‘nooch,’ can be described as having a cheese-like flavor and is frequently used as a substitute. Remember the old days eating pasta covered in Parmesan cheese? The new plant-based days can look similar, except we replace the real cheese with nutritional yeast! These days, it’s so easy to dive into vegan recipes.

On the internet, there are many resources that provide great recipe ideas, often with photographs to make them all the more enticing. At PSL, we have a whole recipe section you can explore! Of course, you can also check out an array of books also available in digital, paperback, and hardcover form that serve as plant-based cook books.

So, if you haven’t already, start exploring these plant based diet recipes so you can become a better vegan! What are some plant-based recipes you are already enjoying? Let me know in the comments!