The Potato Strong Recipe Guide by Will Kriski - Book Review

We started Plant-Smart Living in 2015, and early into our exploration of social media and other people living a plant-based lifestyle and talking about it online, we stumbled upon Potato Strong. I was immediately interested in what it meant to be "potato strong," and could quickly tell that Will was discussing some things close to my own lifestyle as a result of our shared appreciation for Dr. McDougall's The Starch Solution. While that book has been very influential for myself and Will, it has only served as a starting point by which we have developed our own takes on what it means to live a plant-based lifestyle.

The Potato Strong Recipe Guide: Easy, Low Fat, No Oil, Tasty, Filling, Plant-Based Recipes for Weight Loss and Health can be viewed as a digital resource that compliments the scientific research of Dr. McDougall. If you already have enjoyed The Starch Solution, but are looking for ways to diversify the foods you are eating, The Potato Strong Recipe Guide serves as a great starting point to make your life a little easier.

This is a valuable resource because it makes breaking into the lifestyle a little bit easier. The early days of my own transformation were some of the most difficult, because I had a sense of what I wanted to eat, but not enough experience to know how to prepare foods that are not only good for my health, but tasty as well. Another key component many people have noted online about this recipe book is that the recipes are simple and easy to make. I can attest to this fact, as I've had hands on experience making some of Will's recipes, and with great success!

I would suggest picking this one up if you are looking for a simple and inexpensive guide of plant-based recipes, or if you just want to support what Will is doing with Potato Strong both in written form on his website and in the videos he posts to YouTube. You can quickly grab the book through Gumroad!