How Lobbying Ruined the US Dietary Guidelines


The 2015 US Dietary Guidelines have been determined to be the result of lobbying and lies.

It's not hard to imagine this being the truth, given how big business tends to have a big say in policies in the United States. There is a significant impact of our society when the government cannot take a truly objective stance, especially in regards to things that directly impact our daily lives. The food we eat is one of the most significant things we can discuss, so when we talk about it, we should be sure to eliminate as much bias as possible. 

While the US Dietary Guidelines are said to be based on scientific research, this is being disputed by many doctors and scientists. One major concern I have from this startling revelation is how this significantly impacts our children. These dietary requirements influence the foods available in school cafeterias around the country. If you knew someone was actively, slowly, poisoning your child, you probably would feel angry. This would be a totally justified response as well. When guidelines like these are posted, whether through good intention or not, they leave a lasting impression that cannot be ignored. In truth, they should be retracted until more scientific study has been conducted.

A full article on this topic is available through Time Magazine, but I am curious, how do you feel about the US Dietary Guidelines in light of this response?