Dining at The Ravens by Jeff and Joan Stanford - Book Review

Dining at the Ravens is a unique vegan recipe book. The reason I can say this is because these recipes originated within the walls of the only vegan resort in the United States: The Ravens Restaurant at Stanford Inn by the Sea. The self-described goal of the establishment is to bring mindful, compassionate, and a sustainable sustainable dining experience in an enchanting and unforgettable setting. Like a fairy tale come to life, Dining at the Ravens provides exposure to plant-based meals that most of us will likely not be able to try ourselves, unless we run into the opportunity to visit this unique restaurant.

I have learned to enjoy a good cook book over the years, especially in recent times as I've started my own plant-based journey just a few years ago. While many recipe guides aim to provide very simple recipes, Dining at the Ravens provides some more complex, "fine dining," vegan recipes that absolutely look great on the page and likely taste great as well. A few examples include the Ravens Sea Palm Strudel, Indian-Spiced Polenta Napoleon, Mushroom Pesto and Sun-Dried Tomato Burger, Ravens Spicy Peanut Curry Sea Palm, Sweet Summer Corn Bisque, Peach Huckleberry Cobbler.

While I enjoyed the recipe content of this book, I found myself also enjoying the thorough first part which provides some history about The Ravens Restaurant and the Stanford Inn by the Sea. Additionally, the philosophy behind vegan eating. Most importantly in my mind is the images and description of the gardens that use to bring food from "farm to table." This is a goal I have aspired too within my own home, and it is absolutely unique to see it present in a real vegan restaurant.

The way I see it is Dining at the Ravens provides a story and what appear to be some really excellent recipes that do not seem to just be the "same old, same old." In a sense, this is fine dining for vegans, but also accessible at times for those who are not professional chefs as well. I would recommend this book to you if you are interested in a recipe guide that provides vegan recipes like this. Additionally, if you are interested in vegan culture and just want to support a vegan restaurant providing something very unique in a country heavily dominated by the Sad American Diet (SAD). For this alone, they have my support and I hope that we begin to see similar establishments pop up in the future.

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