YouTube Comment Thread - "Gardening Takes it to Another Level"

This is a great video my friend Will from Potato Strong posted a little while ago. The main reason I wanted to showcase this on my website now (~7 months later) is because the comment section really stands out to be. I was able to observe some fans of Potato Strong's videos, and notice a recurring trend: folks need to learn more about gardening, in addition to other components of a vegan based lifestyle. 

As YouTube user "jjooeegg1" said, "...gardening takes it to another level..." 

The beauty of a plant-based lifestyle is how there are multiple levels of entry. If you are limited in space and resources, you may not be able to easily set up a full scale garden like I have created in my own backyard. Of course, keep in mind you can still garden on a small scale, as is found in the "bucket gardening" trend. Still, a trip to a local grocery store could suffice in at least allowing you to eat healthy and vegan foods. For myself, aside from the health benefits of my plant-based diet, there is a real value to being able to get out into the natural environment of my backyard garden, sow the seeds, and reap the harvest when it comes. This ultimately provides me an outlet to turn my vegan values into a lifestyle, instead of just a diet. 

Ultimately, I hope you are able to become educated about creating your own garden, and become inspired to consider doing this for yourself as you keep up to date with the latest videos and articles found posted on the web. If there is anything you'd like me to discuss in these videos, feel free to send us a message through email, Facebook, or even in the comments below. At Plant Smart Living, we take great strides to respond to all reasonable requests within a timely manner.