Plant-Smart Living's New Year's Resolution for 2017


With the new year coming to greet us shortly, and as we become increasingly reflective on both the good and bad that came with 2016, I thought I would share some thoughts on the resolution for Plant-Smart Living for the coming year - 2017.

It is a common theme we all share - to try and make changes to our lives as we roll into a new year, as for many it gives us the sense that we have a "clean start" (so to speak). For some, the changes may be small - maybe you are already on a healthier road. For others, the resolutions might be far more significant - perhaps you are at your wits end and need a major change in your life. 

For Plant-Smart Living and myself, I wish you all a Happy New Year, and would like to encourage you to set goals to reach a healthier state of mind and body. 

Plant-Smart Living's New Year's Resolutions:

  1. To continue to grow and expand our community. Plant-Smart Living has been growing as a source for information about the plant-based lifestyle. Having peaked over 7,000 "likes" on Facebook, and growth on our YouTube channel to over 1,500 subscribers - we hope to continue this upward trend by bringing valuable and educational content to you. 
  2. To make this venture self-sustaining. Since Plant-Smart Living was started in June 2015, it has really been in constant development that has primarily been a labor of love. As anyone can imagine, there are costs involved when it comes to running a website and producing a variety of content - both written articles and video. The costs my team and I have incurred are expected - and include everything from website hosting to video equipment to manpower required - but, unfortunately, we still operate largely 'in the red.' It is our passion and drive that keeps us going. We intend to work towards providing better and more engaging content as we grow, but mitigating these costs is an important piece of this.

    If you are able, two easy ways to support Plant-Smart Living financially is by purchasing products through our affiliate links (primarily through Amazon that you will see throughout our website) or by purchasing The Plant-Smart Living Digital Recipe Guide. 

    Of course, if you are financially unable to support, we understand! Alternative methods of non-financial support include watching YouTube video ads on our videos, leaving comments on our website, sharing our posts and web links online, and similar actions that help spread the news about Plant-Smart Living! 
  3. To make more personal connections. This comes with growing our community, but is a valuable component of why Plant-Smart Living is around - and one of the funnest parts. Over time, we have noticed some people who continue to comment, ask questions, and leave encouraging words for us around the web. It is great to see these words and have conversations back and forth as we look to share our knowledge with you, and expand our own, too!
  4. Grow our Facebook Group. You might already be following Plant-Smart Living's Facebook page (and that is great!), but you may not know that we set up a Facebook group for the community to share recipe ideas. You can visit Best Plant-Smart Recipes on Facebook and request to join. We do not moderate to heavily - so long as the content being posted is clean, friendly, community-driven, and adheres to a plant-based diet. We have had some really great conversations, and observed quite a few between our members as well. It's a really great component of PSL!  

As you can see, our goals are pretty simple. We have achieved a lot over the past few years, and 2016 in particular saw a lot of growth as we made a significant effort to put out a lot of great content. I hope you have enjoyed much of what we have created! If you have any thoughts for what you would like to see more of in the future, be sure to leave a comment or drop us a line via email. We try to get back to everyone as much as possible! 

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