The Plant-Based Cyclist Interviews Farmer Fred - Health Rebels

Join me as I speak with Farming Guru and plant-based Ambassador Fred Detwiler as we speak about life before he began his health journey and the changes he saw from simply changing the foods that he ate.

Plant-Smart Living's Farmer Fred Detwiler was interviewed by the Plant-Based Cyclist for episode #4 of his YouTube series Health Rebels. This is a great little series worth checking out if you want some plant-based lifestyle success stories that are different than just what you read in fragments through other media outlets. 

The Plant-Based Cyclist asks an array of great questions that help get to the heart of Farmer Fred's personal success story. At 57 years old, Fred decided to adopt a plant-based diet based on information he read in books such as The Starch Solution, The China Study, and How Not to Die, as well as bits and pieces of content found through other sources. 

Through much of his life, Fred was (and continues to be) an active contractor. This active work life was paired with a poor diet and exercise routine at home, which contributed to excessive weight gain slowly over time. Near the time when he began the plant-based diet, he weighed 265 pounds. 

After a visit to a doctor to see about what could be done for his health, and the recommendation of taking medication, it was determined by Fred that this can't be the way to mitigate this problem. Medication seemed to just be treating the symptom, not the actual disease itself. In looking for another way to not just treat, but solve, his health problems - Farmer Fred found a plant-based diet to be the right choice for him

It is important to keep in mind other factors that were powerful in shaping this desire for significant lifestyle changes. Fred's father died at a young age - and he has always speculated it was likely related to the diet he followed to some great extent. Other horrible experiences such as the loss of his brother at 18 years old from leukemia was also a powerful traumatic experience. In more recent years, the joyous occasion of the birth of his grandson Hunter ended up feeling depressing because he could not keep up as he became increasingly active. These experiences, and many others, help shape the desire to enact positive change. 

These changes also led to his wife Laura adopting the lifestyle as well! 

The full detail of Fred's story is touched on in depth in this video interview with the Plant-Based Cyclist. If you enjoy this great video, be sure to visit him online:


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