Here’s What Plant-Smart Living Is All About…

You have either adopted, are in the process of transitioning to, or are simply curious about a plant-based or vegan lifestyle… and as much as you may have enjoyed the many positive impacts of this lifestyle–whether on the environment, the animals, and/or your own health and life–you want MORE out of it. You may have asked yourself things like:

  • Living a plant-based or vegan lifestyle is just so expensive. How can I support this lifestyle with proven cost-effective self-sustainability principles and strategies?
  • There are just so many plant-based ‘experts’ out there, but each seems to have their own slight (and, sometimes not-so-slight) differences in approach to what exactly constitutes optimal nutrition and health. How do I make sense of all these different teachings, and truly figure out the optimal amount and types of foods that I should be consuming?
  • It can be very challenging being vegan because 1 in 4 people in the U.S. nowadays has a negative connotation of being vegan. How can I overcome those negative connotations and live a lifestyle that works best for me?
  • Staying encouraged and motivated in this lifestyle is also challenging because I am seemingly surrounded by those who don’t quite see the value of adopting this lifestyle. How can I remain encouraged and motivated despite a world where many firmly adhere to the SAD (Standard American Diet)?

You may self-identify as ‘plant-based’ or as a ‘vegan’ already. Or maybe you are simply just curious about how you can adopt a lifestyle that can help you reach your end goals of positively impacting the environment, the animals, and/or your own health and life. But, if you’ve asked yourself any of those questions…

… then you’re in the right place.

Here’s How Plant-Smart Living Can Help You Maximize Your Plant-Based or Vegan Lifestyle

There is typically a very large gap between the approaches of different people who decide that going plant-based or vegan is the right lifestyle choice for them.

Many people venture into this lifestyle really quite haphazardly.

They may be excited by the positive impacts that their new-found lifestyle will (or has already) had on:

  • The environment
  • The animals, and/or
  • Their own health and life

If they are new or transitioning to this lifestyle, they may not have necessarily experienced these positive impacts just yet for themselves, however, they may have seen them manifest within the lives of a close friend or family member.

Many people (mistakenly) look at this lifestyle as one filled with more questions than it is worth.

To top it all off, the cost of food needed to sustain and support this lifestyle can be one of the top detractors that keep people from fully embracing and adopting this lifestyle.

I’m here to bridge that gap. Pure and simple.

… because it isn’t about just living a plant-based or vegan lifestyle. It is about living this lifestyle smarter.

Plant-Smart Living.

I believe that a plant-based or vegan lifestyle is an extremely powerful thing – especially in today’s rich-Western diet (SAD) world that claims thousands of people daily to chronic diseases, like heart disease, and tens of thousands more animals who are senselessly slaughtered to serve as the food that emerging scientific research and literature has been successfully linking back to those chronic diseases themselves.

Ah, the circle of life.

Except, it’s not.

It is more like the circle of death.

It is our mission here at Plant-Smart Living to give you everything you could possibly need to break that circle and help you to:

  • Question Everything
  • Uncover Truth
  • Reclaim Your Health

The truth is that, in order for this lifestyle to work for you, you have to approach it in a smart way.

It has to be backed up with real plant-smart fundamentals.

We do that by planting ourselves firmly in the middle… in that gap between actually living this lifestyle and substantiating all of our choices through the plant-smart pursuit of knowledge founded in scientific literature and research. Using certain strategies that capitalize on the best of both, mixed up with age-old self-sustainability techniques, principles and strategies, along with some of the new, we bring a refreshing, cost-effective way to live the life you have always wanted to–but, that you may have felt has been well outside your grasp.

So, instead of getting bogged down on the usual hamster wheel of trying to make this lifestyle work for you, or losing precious time and money trying to figure out this lifestyle on your own…

… follow Plant-Smart Living to learn how to turn your plant-based or vegan lifestyle into a truly plant-smart lifestyle…

What You’ll Find Here

The material that I am releasing to help you along this journey is divided up into 6 main areas:

1 – The Blog

The Plant-Smart Living blog is really more than a blog… it is an ever-growing knowledge base. Here, we cover a wide array of topics that have been specifically written to help educate and make your transition into a ‘plant-based’ or ‘vegan’ lifestyle as seamless as possible.

2 – The Recipes

One of the most challenging aspects of adopting a WFPB (whole-foods, plant-based) or vegan lifestyle is creating delicious and nutritious meals that are quick, easy, and affordable. Fortunately, here at Plant-Smart Living we have spent countless hours in the kitchen experimenting with different ingredient combinations and devising healthy, tasty, filling plant-based recipes that won’t break the bank to prepare. Most recipes you will find are simple, but for even the most complex ones, we have a virtual pantry of the month article series where you can purchase all the food items that you need!

  • April 2016 — Virtual Pantry of the Month Article

3 – The Videos

In July 2015, I began my YouTube channel. Since then, I have amassed a collection of over 200+ YouTube videos which take you through every aspect of living a fulfilling plant-based or vegan lifestyle the smart way! Like any YouTube channel, these videos are completely FREE to watch. You can also watch these videos here on my Plant-Smart Living website!

Unlike 99.9% of YouTube channels, the video production aspect of Plant-Smart Living is driven entirely by the community.

Let me explain…

In the early stages of our YouTube channel, we made some important investments in upgrading our video production equipment to deliver a much better video watching experience to YOU.

Now, we are looking to make additional investments into new and improved tools, resources, software and equipment.

We can’t do that without YOUR help!

We are looking for people who are passionate about the plant-smart message, and who are wanting to help us offset these costs to help us improve our video production capabilities.

We are looking for “Patrons”, who will commit to even the smallest amount of monthly recurring financial support to help us spread the plant-smart message.

If you love and enjoy our videos, see how you can join thousands of other supporters, at our different support levels, and become a Patron now at our new SUPPORT page!

4 – The Resources

Coming Soon!

5 – The Podcast

Coming Soon!

6 – The Meal Plans

Coming Soon!

Farmer Fred with some fresh greens from the garden!

Farmer Fred with some fresh greens from the garden!

About Fred Detwiler

I have been plant-based vegan for 3 years now.

In fact, January 2016 marked my 3-year ‘plantiversary’…

Crippled by numerous health ailments, such as angina and intense joint pain, my deteriorating health state began to impact both my work and my family life.

As a professional contractor having owned my own contracting business for the last 40+ years, doing all the tasks required for success in my profession, like climbing ladders and withstanding the tough, intense physical labor in general, quickly became next to impossible.

Sadly, even playing on the ground with grandson became too taxing to endure.

Sixty-five pounds overweight, with elevated blood pressure, 

I just knew something had to change.

I just knew I had to change.

Fortunately, what I discovered dramatically improved both my family’s, and my own, health and quality of life.

This discovery had much more far-reaching positive impacts than on my own life and health, but I will share those with you in my full story...

Simple put…

I began Plant-Smart Living in order to share this message with the world!

Click here to read my full story in detail, including my background and some of the happenings which led up to the creation of Plant-Smart Living. (Coming Soon!)