I believe that a plant-based or vegan lifestyle is an extremely powerful thing – especially in today’s rich-Western diet (SAD) world that claims thousands of people daily to chronic diseases, like heart disease, and tens of thousands more animals who are senselessly slaughtered to serve as the food that emerging scientific research and literature has been successfully linking back to those chronic diseases themselves.

Ah, the circle of life.

Except, it’s not.

It is more like the circle of death.

It is our mission here at Plant-Smart Living to give you everything you could possibly need to break that circle and help you to:

  • Question Everything
  • Uncover Truth
  • Reclaim Your Health

The truth is that, in order for this lifestyle to work for you, you have to approach it in a smart way.

It has to be backed up with real plant-smart fundamentals.

We do that by planting ourselves firmly in the middle… in that gap between actually living this lifestyle and substantiating all of our choices through the plant-smart pursuit of knowledge founded in scientific literature and research. Using certain strategies that capitalize on the best of both, mixed up with age-old self-sustainability techniques, principles and strategies, along with some of the new, we bring a refreshing, cost-effective way to live the life you have always wanted to–but, that you may have felt has been well outside your grasp.

So, instead of getting bogged down on the usual hamster wheel of trying to make this lifestyle work for you, or losing precious time and money trying to figure out this lifestyle on your own…

… follow Plant-Smart Living to learn how to turn your plant-based or vegan lifestyle into a truly plant-smart lifestyle…

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Food is either the best medicine, or the slowest form of poison

Plant-Smart Living takes pride in creating many new and exciting plant-based, vegan recipes. We have shared these with our 5,000+ followers on Facebook for a year now. We have put a lot of hard work into creating a website that would make all of these recipes accessible in one, simple to navigate, location. These recipes are the result of Farmer Fred and the PSL Team striving to create vegan recipes that are relatively easy to make, affordable, and promoting sustainable practices as we encourage you to learn how to grow your own food. Be sure to check out our Recipes section!

The Plant-Smart Living Blog is another resource you can turn to for a variety of content. From serious reflections on the meat industry to more lighthearted and informative editorials, we do hope you are able to learn something new every time you stop by.

Plant-Smart Living is unique because, instead of just preaching a lifestyle of sustainability, we have opted to take things into our own hands, get down and dirty, and learn how to be truly sustainable by learning how to garden. It is a strange thing that modern veganism seems to lack real discussion about one of the most vegan things on the planet: a garden.

For Farmer Fred and the PSL Team, gardening seems like an obvious solution to make a vegan lifestyle more affordable over time. As you have seen, we have compiled many recipes which feature at least a few items we can walk into our garden and pick.

While not everyone will be able to garden on the level of Farmer Fred, whether due to a lack of start up resources or land, there are small scale options you can find that will help you to become just a little bit more sustainable as well. 

Encourage, lift and strengthen one another. For the positive energy spread to one will be felt by us all.”
— Deborah Day

Plant-Smart Living has large goals, but limited resources. It has been a labor of love for our fans and the result of real, personal enjoyment on the part of Farmer Fred and the PSL Team to get involved in the many conversations we have, whether directly or indirectly, about living plant-smart. We would truly appreciate any Support you can offer.

We have a detailed Support Page which elaborates on a number of ways in which you can help us bring our larger vision to life. These ways range from simple tasks like watching our videos and leaving comments on our posts to actually supporting Plant-Smart Living financially through Patreon or by purchasing products through our affiliate links.

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